About Patricia Kasper, MS, CCRA

Founder, P. Kasper & Associates
Patricia Kasper Patty Kasper is a recognized expert in clinical research training and operations with more than 20 years of industry experience. Patty has provided well-designed training programs to the biopharmaceutical and medical device industries. More than 1300 professionals have benefited from her hallmark hands-on interactive learning modules that bring an exciting real-world element to her classes.

Passionate about sharing her experience and knowledge, Patty also provides mentoring services to those in the clinical research field. Through her classes, webinars and one-to-one mentoring program, she has launched and furthered the careers of many highly successful industry professionals.

Patty has direct experience with Phase 1 through 4 clinical research trials in numerous indications and has directed studies in the US, Canada and Europe. Over the years, she has successfully guided numerous biopharmaceutical companies through the rigors of drug development.

Patty earned her Masters of Science degree in Bacteriology and Public Health from Washington State University. She has been on the faculty of UC Santa Cruz Extension as part of their prestigious Clinical Trials Design and Management Certificate Program. Her company, P.Kasper & Associates, serves clients throughout the Bay Area and the nation.
Learn to Grow(r)
"Because I have a passion for learning and training, my personal philosophy is Learn to Grow®. That's also the philosophy that I have brought to P.Kasper & Associates because that quest for knowledge is what moves us forward in our lives, as well as our careers, and creates recognition of the necessity to continually expand our horizons."
- Patty Kasper

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