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Coast IRB: A Cautionary Tale

A Government Sting Operation Brings Down Coast IRB

In a move that sent ripples of concern through the entire medical device and drug industry, Coast IRB in Colorado Springs, Colorado, permanently closed its doors after it was revealed in a congressional sting operation that Coast had approved a phony protocol. The shutdown affected approximately 300 clinical trials and involved more than 3000 researchers around the country.

This 8-page white paper provides:

  • A thorough description of this amazing story
  • A timeline of events
  • Pros and cons of central IRBs
  • A bonus of 17 hyperlinks to relevant publications and regulations

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FDA Warning Letters

In the Clinical Research community, we dread the certified letter that arrives from the FDA simply titled, in all caps, WARNING LETTER. Whether it is directed to a major pharmaceutical company or an IRB, these letters are a not-so-gentle reminder of how we need to be vigilant in our jobs. Learn more.

Patty Kasper
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