Giving Back

Our philosophy of Learn to Grow®
P. Kasper & Associates believes in giving back to both the local and global communities. With a dedication to those in need, Patty takes pride in knowing that through her service and financial contributions she has helped make a significant change in someone's life.

giving to the local community

Giving to the Local Community

P. Kasper & Associates participates in various local charitable efforts. These include volunteering at the Northern California Chapter of ACRP, local churches and homeless shelters, as well as supporting the local schools.


Giving to the Global Community

In addition to participation in Habitat for Humanity projects in the South Bay and Sonoma County, P. Kasper & Associates donates a percentage of profits each year to:
Learn to Grow(r)
"I believe that each of us has the capacity, and responsibility, to make a difference in another's life."
- Patty Kasper

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