Job Search Mentoring Program

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Mentoring Agreement

Mentoring is a powerful supportive alliance between me, your mentor, and you as my client. My primary focus is working with you, in achieving your goals, and making the most of yourself and your opportunities. I am devoted to your well-being and success, and am sometimes a sounding board, and at times, a challenger.

Mentoring includes principles like teamwork, going for the goal, being your best, etc. But most professional mentoring is not competition or win/lose based. I strengthen your skills rather than help you beat the other team. It is a win/win.

The mentoring relationship works when the mentor and client establish a mutual trust and partnership solely devoted to advancing the client. This agreement simply gives the context of working with me.

My job as a mentor is to assure you achieve your goal much faster than doing it alone. People who are mentored often go much further towards a bigger vision than they would have on their own. Mentoring can accelerate your personal and professional growth process.

Mentoring unlocks your insights, which lead to key action, which leads to key results. Insights, actions and results capture the essence of the mentoring experience. I really believe we often have the answers to the things we're working on, in our minds and hearts.

Mentoring is not therapy. I do not work on your past apart from relating it to your future. I work on the parts of your life that you want to move forward and not those causing or relating to deeper psychological problems.

Fee: $1105 includes six one hour mentoring sessions, by telephone. Additional fees may apply for in-person or additional sessions.

After the completion of the first six sessions, we will determine the number of additional sessions and the payment schedule for these sessions.

Commitment: Witnessing significant changes in your career will occur in the speed that works for you. Sometimes it will happen fast and sometimes not. This allows the mentoring relationship to develop and be powerful.

Moving Forward: You are accountable, to move yourself forward. I am responsible to provide the insightful and challenging mentoring to support that happening. The decision, control and responsibility to make any changes rest with you.

Changes: Rescheduling an appointment is easy with advance notice. If you have an emergency, we'll work around it. If you must cancel a call, please give me 24 hours advance notice. Missing an appointment without notice is considered a paid appointment.

Confidentiality: This is a confidential relationship. I do not reveal or discuss any aspects of it with anyone else, unless under subpoena or as I am required to report as a professional, a threat of serious harm to yourself or others.
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